Josif Pancic's state employement

Josif  Pancic’s state employment started by  his first (though temporary) employment in the Principality of Serbia. Pancic arrived to Belgrade in May 1846 hoping he would get the state job soon. Just when he decided to leave Serbia, as his waiting dragged out, he was offered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to go to Jagodina to try to curb typhus epidemic, which erupted among glass factory workers in Donji Mišovic. After accomplishing his task successfully, Josif Pancic was appointed to be a physician in Negotin. However, in 1847, at the request of Jagodina’s inhabitants, Pancic began his physician practice working as a part time town physician and temporary physician of the Jagodina county with the annual salary of 350 thalers. Already in November of the same year he was transferred to the vacant post in Kragujevac to be I class town and county physician with the annual pay of 400 thalers. By the decree of Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic, dated September 26th, 1853, Josif Pancic was appointed to be a part time professor at the newly founded Cabinet of the Natural History at the Lycée, with the annual pay of 600 thalers. After being granted the Serbian citizenship on April 16th, 1854 he was appointed, by the decree of 7th October 1854, a full professor of natural history and agronomy. At this post, first at the Lycée and then at “Great School”, Pancic spent full 34 years i.e. up until 1887 when by the decision of the Ministry of Education he was relieved of duty.